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Tree Pruning


What is Pruning?

Pruning is Arboricultural practice involving the selective removal of certain parts of a plant, such as branches, buds, or roots.  


 Pruning is one of the most common arboricultural practices. International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists have the education and training to prune trees according to national pruning standards and the ISA’s Best Management Practices. Grace Tree Service employs several Certified Arborists. When hiring Grace Tree Service for your pruning services, you can expect a professional service that will adhere to the Best Management Practices accepted by the tree care industry. 

We perform:

• Formative Pruning to Young Trees • Structure Pruning to Large Shade Trees and deadwood of Conifers • Ornamental Tree Pruning• Fruit Tree Pruning • Shrub and Hedge Shearing • Excellent Clean-up on All Services 

Tree Removal


What is Tree Removal?

 Trees in dangerous condition are often inspected by an Arborist, a person with special training in the health and care of trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. If need be they are recommend for removal.

What We Do!

 Tree removal is one of the most technical and hazardous services offered by tree care companies. To perform tree removal safely and efficiently, specialized training, equipment and experience is necessary. Grace Tree Service is recognized as one of the area’s leading tree removal experts, because of our specialized equipment, proficiency, and safety record. 

We perform:

• Technical and Dangerous Tree Removal• High Climbing of Trees• Dead Tree Removal• Professional Timber Felling• Storm Damage Tree Removal and Clean-up• Stump Grinding and Clean-up• Shrub Removal• Brush Chipping and Woody Debris Removal• Crane Service for Technical Tree Removal• Excellent Clean-up Services 

24 Hour Emergency Services


Does Grace Tree Service provide 24/7 emergency tree services?

Yes, we do provide 24 hour emergency tree services. If you call after hours we have an answering service system that takes your information down and sends it directly to our manager on calls phone. Make sure to leave a number that is reachable in the case of a tree emergency and we will contact you. If the emergency situation involves power lines however the power company would have to be contacted for safety reasons.



  Stump grinding requires specialized equipment that grinds the stump out of the ground into usable mulch. A suggested depth below surface grade to have your stumps ground down is eight to twelve inches. In cases necessary to grind deeper, Grace Tree Service is able to grind 36 inches below grade, removing the entire stump. We have three stump grinders, and can grind acres of stumps and access a back yard through a 36-inch gate for a single stump. 

We perform

: • Land Clearing and Lot Preparation in Hard to Access Back Yards• Stump Grinding• Excellent Landscape Clean-up• Soil Replacement• Seeding or Sod Installation, to cover areas where stumps have been removed   



The services of a Consulting Arborist can save you both time and money, by providing a correct diagnosis or advice on how to solve a particular tree, shrub, or landscape problem. Consulting Arborists are recognized as the professionals and experts in the field of Arboriculture. A Consulting Arborist provides onsite visits and written reports for many aspects of tree management. 

We Preform:

• Expert Witness and Litigation• Forensic Investigation• Tree and Landscape Appraisals• Insect and Disease Diagnosis and Management• Plant Health Care Programs• Tree Preservation Planning for Construction Projects• Tree and Plant Inventories• Tree and Plant Management Plans• Municipal Tree Management Plans• Contract Preparation & Supervision• Public Education 



What is Plant Health Care? 

 Plant Health Care is a landscape management tool that uses a pro-active and holistic approach to managing tree and shrub health. The goal is to obtain and maintain a healthy growing environment. The results are healthier plants and better aesthetics. 

Plant Health Care is a broad category that addresses the overall health and care of your trees, shrubs, and landscape. We use the best integrated pest management (IPM) programs available. Plant pests are managed with the most environmentally friendly methods. We interview each client thoroughly, and make mutual decisions to best care for your landscape - keeping your interests in mind. Grace Tree Service does not offer “cover or blanket” spray programs that may be harmful to beneficial insects and the environment. Our pest management program involves monitoring the landscape, correctly diagnosing tree and plant maladies, and recommending treatments that will meet your needs in an environmentally-safe way. 

We perform:

• Insect, Disease, and Plant Problem Diagnosis• Pest Management/Insect and Disease Control• Tree and shrub Spraying• Regular Scheduled Monitoring for Plant Health Care• Tree and Shrub Fertilization• Soil and Plant Tissue Testing• Root Collar Excavation• Consulting on all Elements of Caring for your Plants and Trees