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 Grace Tree Service at 1860 W Hayden Ave is looking for landowners who are interested in large amounts of wood chips. Each year we generate hundreds of yards of wood chips.  Our entire job by-products are recycled for other uses and not sent to the landfill. We have considered ourselves "Green" before it became mainstream.

We are reaching out to establish local relationships with people who can handle large volumes of these recyclables.  Another option of use is for people who want to use this rich organic mulch for the bettering of your own land and gardens. For more information on creating this rich soil from mulch check out "Back to Eden Gardening" by Paul Gautschi. His website has some great information and educational videos. If you are someone who might have use for these by-products or have any questions please call us today.  

*Below is a link to the documentary for gardening with wood chips*

Thank you!

"Best Of" North Idaho Tree Service



At the end of March we attended an enjoyable evening provided by the Cda press in honor of businesses who received Best of status and we were presented the Best of status for the Tree Service Category. I wanted offer a sincere thank you to each person who took the time to vote for us, all our wonderful customers, and especially to our Grace Tree team who made it all possible! The reason we exist is very simply people, our crews, our clients, and our community. We specialize in providing a proper and ethical Arboriculture service but plainly understand that it is people we truly serve. Each person is a valued relationship. One of my favorite quotes is from Scott Stratton president of Un-Marketing. “He said if you believe business is built on relationships; make building them your business”. I love that because it is so true and powerful! We have been blessed with a team of people who value their relationships both with each other as well as with our customers. Again, thank you everyone!

Spring Time!


Fruit Tree Season is wrapping up and we are moving into our spring customers! If you want to get on the list please call us today!

Grace Apprenticeship Program


We have regular training and teaching here at Grace. Through our program we are able to teach people who are interested in the tree care industry the in's and out's.



 This is an excellent time to prune any tree. The benefit to pruning now on deciduous trees is that there is no foliage and it is easy to prune for structure. 

Larger Deciduous Trees

 Form and structure is also important especially if they did not get that kind of maintenance work done when they were young. Removal of dead, broken and potentially hazardous limbs that could fall and do damage to people and property. 

Younger Trees

 For young trees it is important to prune them to have the proper form and structure so they grow up correctly and don't form poor and weakly attached branch structure. Kind of like kids. Train them when they are young not to develop bad habits! 


  Don't forget the conifers. Many of them around town have broken and hanging branches that were caused in last winters heavy wet snow. The damage is significant in both Fir and Pine and can cause bark beetle populations to grow   

Spruce Terminal Weevil



The Spruce Terminal weevil, also known as the White Pine Weevil, attacks the upper (new) growth of evergreen trees ( mainly spruces in our area). The adults normally overwinter under the canopy of the tree and emerge in the early spring (right after the snow melts or temps average in the 50's). Once it emerges, both male and female adults make their way to the top of the tree. They then feed by chewing on the bark of terminal (new) growth. The females seek out new growth to lay their eggs. They chew just below the terminal bud on the dormant leader from April to June.  

Can potential damage be controlled or prevented?

Since this is a relativity new pest in our area, pest control applicators have been hard at work figuring out the best way to control the pest. We have had good success however, by applying three treatments per season. 

1. Early Spring ( March - April): Soil treatments under the canopy of the Spruce tree, along with a trunk spray helps prevent the adult from making its way to the top

2. Late Spring (right after the new growth appears): This application is designed to control any adults that have made their way to the top.

3. Fall Soil Drench: A systemic soil drench in fall allows the product to travel up the tree throughout the winter months. Since evergreens have such a slow metabolism the product is doing its intended job in the spring.

Powdery Mildew on Maple Leaves



                 There are many plants in our region that are susceptible to Powdery Mildew. We see symptoms of it almost every growing season. However, over the past few years Maple (acer) trees (both green and crimson leaf species) have been especially vulnerable. Many tree care professionals feel this is due to our wetter-than-normal springs. As a result, a white mildew (fungus) develops on the tree, but may cause premature foliage drop due to a lack of photosynthesis. 

Can Powdery Mildew be prevented or controlled?

Yes. It is recommended that a fungicide be applied as symptoms for appear. Symptoms are monitored by a Plant Health Care Expert throughout the spring when Powdery Mildew is most active. When small white powdery spots first appear on the leaf, the size of Sharpie Marker tips, an application should be applied. Depending on environmental conditions, a follow-up application may be needed 2-3 weeks later, since fungicides are effective for only a few weeks. Listed below are some other things that can be done to strengthen the overall health of your tree. 

1. Raking up leaves that are affected by the fungus

2. Pruning to allow for air movement within the canopy of the tree

3. Fertilizing in early spring or late fall

Recommended Companies


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