Tree Pruning Safety Tips

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As the sun starts to shine and we experience the first day of spring, many of you are getting your yard tools out to start your spring chores. I thought I might touch on our number one core value of safety, and a few tips on how it can apply to you as a homeowner.

Whether you have a shrub to prune or remove, tree branches that are in need of trimming, or a tree on your back 40 that is dead and needs to come down, safety should be your number one consideration. All of these tasks, from the simple to the complex, come with their own unique hazards and pitfalls that an untrained or inexperienced person may not know to look for. Here are a few simple safety tips for landscaping to think of.


When using ladders, whether it is an a-frame or a leaning ladder, make sure they are on solid, stable and, level ground. You must also pay attention to the reaction of the limb or branch you are cutting. Be sure that it doesn’t swing down and either knock you off the ladder, or knock the ladder out from under you.


Many projects require a chainsaw and a guide on how to use a chainsaw should be a whole other blog. But if your project does require the use of a chainsaw, here are a few tips that will help keep you safe.

First, and most obviously, don’t touch the sharp end of the saw when the saw is running. Unless you are longing for a visit to the hospital! All kidding aside, chainsaws are absolutely unforgiving and I can’t stress enough the importance of the use of personal protective equipment. Always employ ear protection, eye protection, and most importantly, leg protection. Even the most experienced of sawyers wear chainsaw chaps when running saw and I strongly encourage you to follow suit. You can pick up a pair at nearly any local hardware store.


When felling a tree, pay attention to the reaction that tree might have on the surrounding trees as it falls, as well as anything that might be hung up and can fall out of the tree and strike you. The internet is filled with videos of those who haven’t headed this advice and suffered serious consequences. Always have an exit route and move a good distance away from the stump after the tree starts it’s decent.

Keep in mind, we are happy to come out and visit, and for you “do-it-yourselfers.” We can always tailor our estimates to do the technical portions of the job you are unable to handle and let you do the cleanup.


As always, for further questions, quotes or consultations, give us a call today!